Our Subscription plan

The ITEM Subscription Plan provides a tailored, year long curriculum comprised of monthly seminars designed to educate our members as to the basic skills and norms as well as the latest technologies in the Cloud and Devops space.  Starting in January 2019, The ITEM subscribers will have access to:

Askmentor Series (coming January 2019)

Askmentor Series (coming January 2019)

12 months. 12 topics. 12 mentors

The sober realization about tech is you either know it or you don’t. This does not just apply to being a tech employee but also a tech founder. If you think you’re going to master your career path or your startup on your own, this is not for you. For those who need some guidance, here’s a way to get up to speed.

  • If you want to become a (stronger) tech professional, click here for more details.

  • If you want to become a (more) successful tech founder, click here.


experience tells us, free doesn’t work.

Perhaps discounts will…

Our subscribers will get a deep discount (40% - 250%) on our courses compared to what the general marketplace offers for exactly the same courses.

It’s a matter of choice of how you choose to spend your hard earned money. We’re betting on you to make the smart(er) choice.

The ITEM Subscription Plan: Real Value. Real Cost. For You.

Ready to put in the work? We’re looking for you.

Ready to put in the work? We’re looking for you.

Scholarships - Prepare to be challenged

The ITEM is grateful to have sponsors like Elsevier and Uber that are committed to our vision of making the technology sector more inclusive.

We feel obligated to turn that generosity and trust into results. Scholarships are available ONLY to subscribers who must get through our rigorous qualification process and must complete an AWS certificate. To start your journey, first subscribe and then click the button below to…