Self Sufficiency through Technology...

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Everyone we encounter, grows. Here's how...

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Monthly networking and learning events.

Every 3rd Tuesday @MakeOffices, 1635 Market Street...


Designed to facilitate networking, to showcase members and their organizations and to provide information in the technology sector from industry experts.

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Linux | Cloud Computing (AWS) |
DevOps | more


Designed to help new entrants on ramp into the tech sectors or for those mid career to level up their skills.

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Teach a man to fish...


Designed to provide participants of The ITEM Academy, and community members at large, access to employment  and to help employers identify (diverse) candidates.

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We're here to help you...


Designed to provide our members access to capital, mentors and educational and training resources.

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First, Philly. Then we'll see what's next...

We believe The ITEM can be instrumental in helping Philadelphia solve its pervasive problems of un(der)employment and poverty...


Our Mindset

Committed to change.

Philadelphia has the highest poverty rate of America’s 10 largest cities. 25+% of Philadelphia’s 1.56m residents live in poverty.

This is troubling because poverty disproportionately affects minorities in our majority minority city. Of Philadelphia’s poor, 70% are either Black or Hispanic.

The technology sector offers long term employment and wealth-creating opportunities. Philadelphia’s tech scene is thriving, but due to lack of exposure, there is limited participation by minorities.

In a sector whose median income is $60,000, the skills needed for entry level jobs, through The ITEM, can be obtained and certified in 180 days with a $750 investment.