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We've designed our curriculum with the goal of training diverse talent with highly marketable certifications and practical skills in a little as 180 days. 


The ITEM Academy is designed to train diverse talent with highly marketable certifications and practical skills, in as little as 180 days.


Why choose the ITEM Academy?

We offer classes in Linux | Cloud Computing | DevOps (Bash) | Security | Networking | Python (Nano SysAdmin "degree"). Our classes are low-cost, flexible, and tailored to meet our students needs, while fostering practical experience, team building, and career development for our students. Cost: $750 to our subscribers.

Upcoming Events

Come for the Networking. Stay for the Learning! 2019 all planned out! Be sure to check out our AskMentor Series.


Everyone we encounter grows. This is how:


Designed to provide participants of The ITEM Academy, and community members at large, access to employment  and to help employers identify (diverse) candidates.



Monthly networking and learning events, Designed to facilitate networking, to showcase members and their organizations and to provide information in the technology sector from industry experts.



Designed to help new entrants on ramp into the tech sectors or for those mid career to level up their skills



Designed to provide our members access to capital, mentors and educational, and training resources.


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