We know how hard it is to go from ZERO to one



You may not know this but you CAN'T do it alone. 



You're going to need capital. 



We also know it's not the idea, it's the EXECUTION that counts. 



You'll need teammates.. and mentors. 



We're here to help you...


  Keep Your eyes locked on the prize...

Keep Your eyes locked on the prize...

Basics for the ITEM Entrepreneurs:


Entrepreneur's Bootcamp

To assist entrepreneurs who are looking for strategic guidance on a decisive path forward. 

Black Coffee

Black Coffee

A Monday Conference call with Seasoned Entrepreneurs to troubleshoot your pressing business issue heading into the week...


Going Up! Podcast

A 30 minute conversation with entrepreneurs on how they became entrepreneurs and their current business with host Winston Bailey.

sharq tanc

Sharc Tanq!

A biannual pitch fest of entrepreneurs working on proof of concepts and emerging businesses...