The ITEM is creating an inclusive pipeline of tech talent. This is how: 


Walking the walk looks a lot like this...

@AWS Summit in NYC

  • While you are with us, we emphasize practical skills development that will further your career goals.

  • And we believe that effective learning requires active participation.

  • With us, you’ll get opportunities to sharpen your programming and system administration skills on the command line. And our hackathons will challenge you to get better at everything you learn.

  • We will also help you polish your networking, resume writing and interviewing skills - all with the specific goal of getting you ready for your next big step, whether it is your first job or a career change.

  • Our LINUX | CLOUD COMPUTING | PATHWAY is highly relevant to today’s TECH industry.

  • With these SKILLs under your belt, you’ll be up-to-date with the latest technology. You’ll be able to walk into any job interview with confidence.



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